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Franchises available.

Looking to become a franchisee?

We are expanding all the time and want people who have industry experience with the drive and passion to be the best Mobile Window Tinter they can be.

Cartint has pioneered and developed a successful way of marketing the business, so you reep all of the rewards from the time and effort you put in. Plus with ultra low overheads and no dead money for a shopfront, we ensure you'll be ahead of the competition!

What do you get?

We offer a complete turn-key package that includes:

  • > Ownership (not lease) of a sign-written van
  • > Fully stocked van with tools & tint
  • > All promotional material (starter kit)
  • > 1 year of advertising included
  • > 12 months free of franchise fees
  • > Ongoing support and direct work from our site

Within the first 6 months we know that your presence will be know in the area you choose. After 10-12 Months the repeat business once undergoing our support and marketing you will never want to go back to work to make someone else money when you can have the freedom of making your own, when you want.

How much does it cost?

Usually, a franshiser gets paid about 25% of your income. However, we dont believe that you should work yourself into the ground to pay us a quarter of your hard earned money. We want all of the people who take on a Cartint Franchise to be happy and to know that they are working towards their future and building their business up and up.

What you make on a weekly basis is not going to effect what our fee is from you. We dont take a percentage, just a flat fee once per calender month. We give you the freedom to make as much as you want and keep you in business too.

* Metropoliton areas - $45k (franchise fee of $500/month)

* Regional Areas - $35k (franchise fee of $400/month)

If you wish to enquire about a starting up a franchise, contact us via email at or call Michael on 0409 222 089.

Money back guarantee.

7-day Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee ensures you that we are completly confident about window tinting your car. Our work ethics are about being honest and if we feel we have not tinted your car to a high standard, we dont believe you should pay for it. If we tint your car and you find that your not totally happy with the product we will come back and remove it all and give you your money back within 7 days of installation.

* Excludes all pre 1990 vehicles, trucks, buses, machinery, and custom cartint.

30-Day Fix/Replace Guarantee

Once you have had your vehicle tinted with us, and you have some concerns about the way the tint looks or if in anyway seems to be pealing in a corner or catching on a door trim just contact us within 30 day of installation and we will fix or replace the product free of charge.

* Excludes very minor dust particles, customers choice of tint, trucks, buses, machinery, custom cartint.

* Call out fee may apply.

Lifetime Guarantee

Films that carry a lifetime guarantee are valid to the owner of the vehicle at the time of the car being tinted and is not transferable. The manufacturer warrants that the tint will not bubble, peal, crack, or turn purple during your time of ownership. Replacement film will be free on any vehicle that fails the manufacturer's guarantee.

* Excludes film mistreatment or scratched by owner, car windows that are defective or not in proper working order, custom cartint

* Hourly labour rate may apply.

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